Mayaa Nepal History

Mayaa Nepal History

MAYAA NEPAL is Nepalese charity founded in 2011. It traces its origins further back as it evolved from the remains of a previous association called Concern. Sarbendra PACHHAI and Nicole SICARD met one day, and an instant bond of friendship developed from their common desire to help children who face a difficult start in life and a wish to break the poverty trap that menaces their lives.

Sarbendra runs a company organizing treks and expeditions in Nepal. He loves his country so much that he truly wishes for the new generation to build a better future through education.

Nicole, born in France, wanted to go to places where she could really make a difference. She arrived in Hong Kong over 50 years ago and became a biology teacher working in some of the poorest districts, believing that only through education can people improve their lot in life. She is now in her 80’s, still lives in the community she has spent her life serving, and still striving to help the young of Hong Kong, Kathmandu and elsewhere improve their chances in life.

Together they form the heart, soul and dedication that is MAYAA NEPAL.

Our Aims

To give an opportunity for vulnerable children in Nepal to attain a quality education, provide health care services and empower women from disadvanteged communities. To enable all to be capable of positive transformation for a brighter future.


Our main focus!
Help children achieve a better life through education ...

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Healthcare & Nutrition

Mayaa Nepal organizes monthly health camps in some of the poorest districts of Kathmandu ...

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Family Protection

So that older siblings can attend school and don’t have to stay at home looking after the infants ...

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Solidarity & Counselling

Social workers work closely in the community identifying families most in need, to bring them support ...

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